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open studios 2023

method is excited to host artists Jaya King and Uli Smith for Sacramento Open Studios 2023

jaya & uli


we figured since we do so many mural projects together we might as well join forces in Open Studios 2023

Jaya Headshot 1.jpg

meet Jaya

"Nature inspires my semi-abstract acrylic artwork. This is a visceral connection; a conduit to bring my mood into the painting process. When I paint a skyscape, I am not setting out to paint 'clouds', but rather an impression of color, movement, and negative space. When I paint 'clouds' I am painting how I am feeling at that moment."

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meet Uli

"My acrylic paintings explore the captivating world of plants through vibrant close-ups. As we increasingly disconnect from the natural environment, my work aims to reignite our connection and foster a sense of reverence for the natural world.


In my newer works, I seek to celebrate the resilience and interconnectedness of nature and humanity. I use a duotone palette to create a visual language that merges plants and the figure into a cohesive whole, allowing me to distill the essence of both elements, emphasizing their shared characteristics and blurring the boundaries between them. Together, they convey a narrative of unity, reminding us of our shared existence and encouraging a renewed sense of stewardship and responsibility. "

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weekend 1

Saturday Sept 9

Sunday Sept 10

10am - 5pm

each day




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