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& installation

Blank walls are our blank canvas.

let us handle the transportation


Skip the extra errand.

We pickup and deliver.

method offers professional art pick up and delivery service within the greater Sacramento Metropolitan Area. If you have several projects that need to be transported with care, large projects that don't fit in a personal vehicle, or if you don't feel like running around town, we offer this convenience for our clients.

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White Van

we install, you relax


Too high?  Too low?  Too many?  

Don't worry, we understand!  


Our installation professionals use a museum-method to hang your art with aesthetics and security in mind.

We collaborate frequently with artists and designers on a variety of projects.


  Give us a call to discuss your artwork, space, and installation needs today.

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Modern, intimate, traditional, comfortable, casual, minimal?

We got you.

Home is sanctuary and we respectfully consider space, aesthetic, and art in our residential installs. 

Wall groupings tell the family story.

We consider children's art as art .

The only thing we ask is if we can pet your dog.



We've installed for corporate, realtor, and dental offices, ad firms, hospitals, and fitness spaces. 


The work has ranged from project photos, large graphics, historical references, partner profiles, and of course, artwork to create a welcoming atmosphere.



When installing with galleries we consider the aesthetics of the space as well as the art in order to give each piece a sense of presence.  


We install art placards and take them into consideration when laying out the artwork.


We will adjust lighting to showcase the art

(if available / when possible.)

Our museum-method of hanging lays the artwork flush with the wall without lean.  We are familiar with rod systems if they are the preexisting hanging system of client choice.



Not all art is flat, in a frame, or...predictable.

Walls are unique as well.

We love the challenge of 3D and/or sculptural artworks.  We have installed blown glass, flocks of handcrafted, mini wooden birds, driftwood, even a human-sized cocktail shaker.

We have creative install solutions for decorative and textured walls.

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