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I'm a designer, why should I work with you?​


We know our stuff, we do it well, and we make it easy!  We frequently work with designers representing a wide range of clients.  Our years of expertise in the field, along with the combined ability to transport and install art, let alone collaborate and design with you and your clients in their home or on site make method stand out. 

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I have a damaged piece.  Do you restore art?


No, however we are familiar with reputable local art restorers and can make a recommendation. 

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What if I only need one of your services?


We can absolutely assist with framing only, or delivery, or installation, or any combo of our three areas of expertise.  

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Do you make prints?


No, however we can recommend you to a couple local print shops that do excellent work.

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Do you charge for appointments?


We do not charge for in-house consultations at our frame shop.  If we are meeting you in your home or place of business in the Sacramento area we charge a base travel fee of $60.  If you live out of the area give us a call so we can give you a quote.

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How long does framing take?

Currently our turnaround time is between two to four weeks for a standard frame order.  Our jobs are scheduled based on quantity and amount of labor involved.  We can give you a completion date for your project during your consultation.

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How much does custom framing cost?

Custom framing prices are based off of size, materials, and the amount of labor involved.  There are many variables to each cost and we can give you a quote depending on the frame design.

I have an empty frame at home.  Can you put my art in it for me?

Possibly.  If the frame is structurally sound we can reuse your frame and we can assess that possibility during your consultation.

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I need my framing early.  Do you do rush orders?

Yes!  Rush orders have an additional fee and are subject to materials availability.  We will work with you as best we can on your timeline.

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I want something simple, quick, and in my budget.  What do you have?

We have a quick, simple, economic solution for you.  We keep a selection of moulding in stock for this purpose.  

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What if I don't like the outcome?​

We understand that this is always a possibility and we want you to fully enjoy your artwork.  We are happy to re-evaluate your design with you and re-frame your piece to your satisfaction.

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Can I cancel or change my frame project?​

Of course you can.  If you alert us before any materials have been ordered you will receive a full refund.  If you cancel after materials have been ordered you will receive a partial refund.  

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Honestly, custom framing is overwhelming for me...

Say no more, we've got you.  We take you step by step through the design process and collaborate on the best possible design for your artwork.  We will take the time to discuss  your aesthetics, framing materials we suggest, and of course we will answer any questions you might have.  Custom framing shouldn't have to be overwhelming, complicated, or intimidating.

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How far do you transport art?


We are located in Sacramento, California and are open to long-distance transportation and can give you a quote.

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How much does delivery cost?


Our delivery fee factors in the art size, condition (framed or unframed), timeframe, and distance.  We charge $60 in town delivery (or within a 25 mile radius from our location).  Beyond 25 miles is an additional $2.00 per mile.  To get a quote please contact us.

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Why do I need your help installing?  I have a hammer...


There is an art to installing art.  We pride ourselves on precision and use a museum-method hanging system that allows the art to hang flush against the wall.  We also take into account other elements in the room that can affect the overall hanging placement and aesthetic.  Having us install your art saves you time, gives you peace of mind, and allows your art to truly be showcased.

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